Wherever you need relief, Life and Limb Gel offers state-of-the art hot and cold gel packs that are sure to meet your needs and budget.  Hot therapy can help soothe and relax sore muscles, can reduce arthritic joint pain, and can stimulate blood flow to accelerate the healing process. Cold therapy is an excellent way to treat acute sprains and strains and treat muscle tension, pain, and spasm. Cold therapy also helps reduce injury-related pain and swelling. 

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At Life and Limb Gel, we are more than sellers of therapy products.  Pride is built into each USA handcrafted product we sell.  Take a look for yourself!

"As someone who has had numerous orthopedic problems over the years, I have needed to use ice packs on many occasions. I have had surgery on my lower back, hip, elbow, toes, and hand. The Life and Limb products are by far the best I have ever found. They are exceptionally well made, come in many sizes for different body parts; they are durable, and have made a major difference in my recovery from a recent back injury. I have recommended them to all my physicians and PTs, as well as all my aging friends whose joints are troubled. The only problem I have found is the that the velcro fasteners are TOO well made. They can be hard to separate from the ice packs, at times, which can be a problem if you are hurting. However, they are clearly meant to last, and so, you should neatly fold your packs when putting them back in the freezer, and avoid this problem. And, made in America. Great products."

Richard J. Lowenstein, MD
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